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Feedback from our students about the results and effects obtained by the practice of Jiuyangshengong

Andrey L. '31

When I started to practice Jiuyangshengong I was surprised that every time while doing the exercise it is very easy to do, I do not have to force myself, my body seems to want to do this exercise. And no matter how bad I felt myself before practice, after it I always felt much better. After several months of training the problems with the stomach, intestines, pain when turning the neck passed and the unpleasant tension in the body has left too, the joints become light and agile, the skin on my face has become more clean and smooth, the body began to be felt light and fresh as that of a baby. When I had a strong feelings of stress, JYASHG was launching itself automatically, quickly returning me to a state of harmony.

Oleg G. '22

I have been practiced jiuyangshengong for a month. Almost immediately after beginning the practice I has become more balanced and calm, was less _ nervous over trifles. I become to get enough sleep, I sleep for 1 hour less than before the start of practice. I’m completely satisfied of practice and learning approach, everything is very simple, rational and not overloaded. Thank you.

Andrey Ch. `40

I have been practiced jiuyangshengong for several months. I feel the energy, but it's hard to describe in words. After the training the feeling is much better. I noticed that in the winter I less feel cold and do not get sick. I have also noticed that if for example, I need to call someone and do not really want to do it, after practice I  do it easily, since there is additional energy.

Ivan K. `20

I have been suffering from hand tremor (shaking hands), now (after 1 year of practice) I do not previously. I have suffered from chaotic thinking (and unsteady gaze), and after a year of practice - a clear head. Before practice I had renal colic (urinating blood) during the year I did  not use any drugs, and now the pain is gone. During ths  year I hade a common cold only once.

Pavel K. '52

I started to practice jiuyangshengong in September 2008. Classes have noticeably improved my health, including increased mobility of the shoulder girdle, lower back have become stronger, the body seems light, there is improved memory, palms have become warmer. I have improved the condition of varicose veins of shins, feet began to feel light and springy, the dilated veins on my legs have become thin again. The food is digested better, before the practice the most types of food (bread, meat, fish, butter, sour cream) lead to deteriorating the condition of veins. The health and fitness are improved.

Ivan P. '22

The practice of JYASHG at the initial period (a month and a half) took - 5-20 minutes, constantly lengthening in duration. When it had reached 40-50 minutes duration, the practice began to wane over time, at this moment (~ 11 months) JYASHG is completed in 5-15 minutes. During the hours 5-7 and 11-13, 23-01, 17-19 which is a better time of practice - usually the movements are starting by themselves or I feel the motion of the energy (presumably yuan-qi) inside the body. After the practice of JYASHG any other practices such as: pile, zhinengong (qigong), etc. are getting better. Also, they lack the spontaneous movement, and consciousness is "pure". The last one is important not only for practice, but also for life, for example, it makes sense, if possible, to do JYASHG before any important or crucial event, as JYASHG, among other things, calms the mind, "clears the head”, removes any anxiety or unnecessary emotions, and I can think better.

Sergei P. `35

Through the practice of JYASHG I got rid of the chronic gastritis and frequent disturbances of bowel function.

Evgeny Sh. `40

I started to practice at the "Dao De School" in February 2009. Up to this time I practiced yoga of The Five Tibetan pearls for 2 years, and have practiced qigong (soft and hard) for 3 years. The body, as it seemed to me then, was more or less worked out. But the only when I have practiced JYASHG for the first month, I realized how much more was not worked out the body, namely the spine, and the channels. Within a few months of practice, I felt FOR the first time in my life, WHAT   the spine IS AND HOW IT should actually work. It's hard to explain in words, you must just feel it. I felt the pass of energy qi through the entire body, from top to bottom and back, as the body flexes naturally with no "pressure" force. Even when at home I have slept poorly, on an uncomfortable bed, my spine is very quickly restored now.

Roman R. '22

The earliest results are connected with a sense of energy and it was very interesting that a previously manifested snippy experience of feelings of the energy through exercises of JYASHG was systematized and gathered into a system. The second significant achievement for me – it was to stop thinking internal  dialogue, the chaotic and restless wandering of thought, or so I would call it. For me it was a big positive shock when sitting on the classes, I finally felt the absolute detachment and independence from intellectual reasoning. I have “found myself”, abandoning the external fuss and a very energy-intensive reflections on life. Gradually - with practice - the emotions have gained real power and a base instead of an abstract mental processes, which is due to the lack of a base which have brought me misery previously. Gradually I have began getting rid of doubts and feelings of uncertainty. External social affairs also gained the support and stability. For example - coursework and diploma are now written with ease, without self-torture, anguish, subordinating myself to external circumstances. Almost all things have become dependent on me. And, despite the ease of writing diploma and coursework, I also easy had obtained for them the highest grade - "5". At in the first exams session in college after the start of practice of JYASHG and entry into private students of the Wu Liu Pai, I stress again, without any special effort I had become an excellent student, which previously was unattainable for me. Later on, while still a 4th year student in college, during my studies, I quickly found a lucrative job when needed the money. I could not quite understand why the circumstances have changed so, but all of the improvements occurred naturally and easily.