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alchemy dragons

A pupil asked: In the process of perfection in the Wu Chongxu-Liu Huayang alchemy school whether there could occur a state of "Entering the madness and roving fire"?

The Teacher of Single Yang answered:
Method of our School of elixir way  were described by our patriarches early and in detail.  They emphasized that practice begins with  MING , but it is not the end of it. During perfection there are true indications, allowing to know to what level the work was reached , for each level there are own detailed corrective methods and secret manuals. At each stage for practicing in our school there are no ambiguities, and therefore there can not be any deviations.
Concerning each of arising signs, it is necessary to understand those by asking the Teacher, whether the signs are  true or false because there are many false signs during practice. Also, one should not yearn for skill and then it will not be possible to  enter such a condition as « Entering the madness ».

As for the condition of “roving fire”, this does actually happen in _ practice of alchemy. When the practice of the «Retreating fire» is done wrong , then some deviations can take place : such as, anxiety and nervousness, also small red spots may appear on a body . No need to worry about it , it is only necessary to execute this method more in a more pronounced way and all deviations will disappear.

From the book of the Teacher of Single Yang
Translated by Dmitry A. Artemyev