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alchemy dragons


JIUYANGSHENGONG 九阳神功 has the following features:

1.    “Great Tao is very simple and easy” and the method of JIUYANGSHENGONG corresponds to this principle. The methods are extremely simple, there are only a few movements, it’s easy to study and practise them. The beginners are acquiring immediate and tangible results, during 10 minutes, it’s possible to acquire a physical sensation of post-heaven qi, an immediate experience of activation of the mechanism of the pre-heaven qi, the emergence of spontaneous movements that cause self-regulation of the body. In   case of diseases, in   obstructed areas of the body’s channels the primordial pre-heaven qi removes  them, achieving an effect of curing diseases and their prevention.

After the finishing exercises people feel themselves many times better. Especially the ones, who has achieved the spontaneous movements. (trans. note – the principle “Great Tao is very simple and easy” points out the difference between the  true methods of central core of Taoism  – the neidan alchemy and all other secondary schools. Neidan deals with the mechanism of pre-heaven qi starting with the most basic methods that is why the methods are easy and simole and the results appear quickly.

In contrast with alchemy, the daoyin methods (the modern qigong, fasting, diets, etc. – there are several thousands of such methods in Taoism and the ancient sages spoke of them as : “任他三千六百旁门九十六种外道法力变幻总于存理养炁 尽性了命之大道不同 – «The effectiveness of all other 3600 minor schools and 96 types of external ways is illusory, and they are absolutely not identical with the Great Tao, which contains the principles of nurturing of pre-heaven qi, the fulfillment of nature (xing) and completion of  destiny (ming)”) have no access to  the primordial energies of the body, also those methods are quite difficult and require a lot of time for everyday practice. The effect of such exercises (such as pile standing – zhuanggun or sitting meditation jingzuo) is unstable and requires the regular maintenance and in case of even brief breaking off the result disappears fast. More details of this basic difference between the true Taoist schools and their widespread imitations you may find in the “Wuzhen pian” tractate – «The chapters of insight in the Truth» of Zhang Boduan   translated by E.A. Torchinov.

2.    This method has no special requirements for the place of practice, you can practice it in a small space. You can do it at your work place and in small rooms such as bedrooms, kitchen, etc. No need to go outside, look for a suitable park or find the best environment. Thus it is possible to avoid the winter cold, lingering rain and other harmful effects of the weather to the practitioners.

3.    This method has no special requirements for training time; you can practice at any time of day. If conditions permit, if you can make a habit to practice at hours of Yin (3-5 am) and You (17-19 pm), or Zi (23 pm-1 am) and Wu (11 am-1 pm), then you can achieve the best results.
(trans. note - at the calculation of time for your environment you should take into account the summer time, and the local time's difference with Moscow, that is do your practice in accordance with the solar time).

4.    It’s needed  a relatively short period of time to practice and the method of finishing the exercise is very easy. Under normal circumstances, the finishing is done automatically (transl. note: i.e. the energy returns itself after passing through the phase of effect on the body). However, under strong distractions and disturbing factors when it is necessary to finish the practice (trans. note: i.e. due to disturbances the mechanism of energy can’t spontaneously complete the exercise) the practitioners can complete it on purpose at any time, using the methods of regulating the mechanism of primordial pre-heaven qi. Thus, there are no bad consequences, so this method is completely unaffected by disturbances and external influences and occurrence of deviations due to disturbing factors are impossible. In case of this type situation, you can instantly guide the mechanism of primordial qi, returning it to dantian for keeping.
(Trans. note: If the primordial energy is propagated over the body and at this moment the strong external factors such as loud noise from the neighbors, music, etc. begin to impact, then it will affect the energy and it will become disharmonious and it affects the health and well-being of practitioner. To avoid such influence there is a special method to complete the practice).

5.    This method is extremely safe, during the long history there have been no cases of deviations in the practice, moreover it can’t in principle lead to a well-known deviation in the practice of qigong, known as 走火入魔 «walking fire and falling into madness" (transl. note: This deviation often occurs as a result of _ practice of modern systems of qigong. It is characterized by disturbance of normal energy circulating, which leads to the sensation of heat and movement of fire throughout the body. Most practitioners do not know the nature of the deviation, and delightedly accept such sensations as a sign of progress in practice and of the increasing energy. Then the brain, overloaded by disharmonious qi, begins to give all kinds of hallucinations and visions - "Tigers", "Dragons", "Shambala", "other worlds", "out of the body experiences”, that leads the sick person  to an even greater ecstasy. The most common result of this "progress" is some form of madness. In China, there are special clinics for these people. In Russia, there are cases of such madness from the practice of qigong.)
In contrast to the systems of qigong, JIUYANGSHENGONG is a fully self-regulating mechanism of the pre-heaven qi, where the yuan qi passes through certain channels of the body automatically; it does not use the regulation of qi by consciousness, conducting of qi through the channels, the concentration of consciousness at the centers of the body and other methods of working with post heaven qi that lead_ to such deviations. Being the quintessential heritage of ancient sages, it is absolutely safe for practice. Even under the most rugged conditions the abnormalities can’t emerge. Moreover, you can then practice with open eyes, talk and do anything, work and watch TV. In any place, any weather and climate this ancient alchemical base allows you to practice and therefore does not require special conditions.

6.    The mechanism of action of the primordial pre-heaven qi of this method creates a circulation on the self-revealed true route and it can correct other deviations of abnormal circulation. Moreover, if practitioners of other methods have the problems of chaotic circulation of qi, then they can return to the true circulation, using this method. If, using this method, one can actuate the mechanism of action the pre-heaven qi, the more corrections do not need. JIUYANGSHENGONG can be combined with the base of any other methods, thereby contributing to the growth of skills of the practitioners. (Note of transl. The systems of qigong, Taiji, and any other methods of perfection if they do not contain the mechanism of regulation of yuan qi (In modern China, for example, only some of the school kept the alchemical methods of regulation, others have long operated in the mode of work with post heaven qi. But we have found remaining school of Taiji, Xinyiquan, Baguazhang, Tongbeiquan and some more ...) may contain the danger of deviations. Also the person’s schedule of practice plays the role. The experiments of false teachers are even more dangerous, they are inventing the exercise sets and methods of internal work in their own mind, or from books, articles, etc. In such cases, the deviations are inevitable. JIUYANG SHENGONG can help people already affected by the false methods, and speed up the process of achieving mastery in combination with other methods.)
Regardless of what techniques were practiced earlier, in the case of JIUYANGSHENGONG practice, the deviations will be immediately removed. The phenomenon of conflict between the methods doesn’t arise, that will lead to improving the health and arising of intellectual abilities, wisdom, and, moreover, it’s impossible to get the extreme deviation of qigong, described above and known as "going to fire and falling into madness”.

7.    This method automatically detects and removes the areas of disease. During practice people may face the spontaneous movements of the great difficulty, or those which the ordinary man in the usual state doesn’t perform easily, they are gave rise by the manifestation of the primordial pre-heaven qi and appear because of need to regulate the organism of the practitioner. Very often people can’t understand the cause of such movements. Some of them cure the disease, some have lead to increased skills and  mastery. All these manifestations are a good sign, you just need to allow them to occur naturally, but you must not make them artificially.

8.    JIUYANGSHENGONG can make one to manifest some abilities. People, who practice often, reveal such manifestations as the inner vision (transl. note - The ability to see organs and systems of the organism, the currents of energy and blood, etc.) the penetrating vision (transl. note - The ability to see through objects, walls, etc .), the distance vision (transl. note - the ability to see over great distances, such as other countries, cities, until the planets and other space objects), or during the practice they see wonderful events, hear pleasant sounds or music, etc. No need to pay attention to it let it happen by itself, all this is a sign of the growing skill. Do not think about it, do not "rejoice in the appearing of any ability or do any attempt to avoid their extinction". Because the purpose of our practice is basically a health improvement and longevity, but these phenomena are not related to health and longevity. Do not get attached  to internal or an external ones, you  should not seek such phenomena, if they disappear, then it is fine.
(transl. note: In modern false teachings it can often be seen that the leaders of them offer people for a fee a "third eye", "third ear" and other "extra body parts". However, in a genuine ancient systems, it was simply impossible, because the appearance of those or other abilities are not so much brought about by the desire to "open" it but are the natural result of the practice. So JIUYANGSHENGONG although leads to the appearance of such abilities, but it has different goal – the health and longevity. Although such manifestations indicate the increasing of the mastery, one should not seek them. Moreover do not try to develop them and keep. Such a desire will inevitably lead to strong deviations. Therefore, disciples should consider these abilities as "flowers on the roadside and they should not stop". The next stages after this method clearly set out at what stage manifests any abilities, and why, but it is also rather a consequence of the practice, rather than its purpose. It is clear now that the methods of "opening the eyes and ears by hands of skillful persons" have nothing to do with ancient traditions and lead to greater problems   with both health and psyche.

9.    This method focuses on self-perfection and self-curing diseases, you should not be lazy, you should work hard and constantly and in the end there will be achieved excellent results. To earn and support yourself - is the best, you should not spend the days, living by alms and give-aways - this is the truth.
(Transl. note: Taoist alchemical system, where people must be extremely active in practice, automatically maps this model to the social life. That is, a person must "rely only on their own strength"(a slogan of Deng Xiaoping), in practice and in social life. That does not mean the absence of cooperation. On the contrary, only the cooperation of people who, already having the self reliance, gives birth to true achievements. You may clarify the validity of this model for yourself  by very simple way - just go to China and clearly see that Russia, who is entangled in loans is left behind by  her "younger brother", who was a beggar in the past both in terms of economy, and more so in terms of ideology.)

10.    In the method of JIUYANGSHENGONG as soon as the development of movement has occurred, the primordial qi is transformed into jing and fills the brain and kidneys. As a consequence, the phenomenon of "returning from old age to young age" appears. But after the movements develop, by activating the mechanism of pre-heaven qi, at once it becomes possible to produce an external pre-heaven qi (transl. note: pre-heaven qi can go outside), and thus you can cure diseases of other people. However, our school does not focus on the curing the other people and in the case of manifestation of this ability the best is to leave them for yourself, do not show them, otherwise it will be lost and you will harm yourself.
(transl. note: Taoist doctrine of immortality insists on necessity of self-perfection of every person, so the methods of passive healing of a consumer are not advised, and indeed, how can be cured those whose lifestyle causes the diseases and who does not make efforts to improve themselves? No one of the Taoists, no one of immortal will not hoist a limp hiccupping consumer onto his back, trying to carry him to the top of self-perfection. Only through their own efforts you can change your life and destiny. The expressions in  the alchemy such as "My destiny in myself and not in heaven" and especially "When the great medicine is inside the abdomen, only then the man will finally realize that his destiny does not come from heaven" are popular. Lao Zi said the same: "Heaven and Earth think about the person as of a stuffed dog”, i.e. destiny, despite the different sources, ultimately depends on perfecting the person).

11.    All people, practicing this method, depart from the same source, so there is an effect of multiplication of the abilities. Training together with several other people significantly increases the unity and the effect of exercises that leads to quicker and powerful results (Transl. note: Just JIUYANGSHENGONG does not contain restrictions on the numbers of practitioners, allowing to achieve better results in large groups. However, beginning with the next stage of alchemy, it becomes impossible, and studying becomes individual, as well as in very small groups).
The practitioners of JIUYANGSHENGONG, who had got the ability of diagnosing the diseases, curing them or finding objects at large distances! I hope that you will get them, but will not abuse their use. Using them would be harmful to your progress in practice and health!

12.    Collective training of JIUYANGSHENGONG gives a much greater effect than individual training, in the case of group practice the effect is faster, the results of such practices are usually better. If conditions in a locality are not suitable for practice, through ongoing group training, you can change these conditions. Even the places with very poor or the weak field of qi through such practices can be transformed into a very good ones, with a strong and healthy energy field. Training of this method allows you to change the environment.

13.    Taking and propagation of external qi at this method is easy and free, and one can take the external qi inside and emit out outside the inner qi. (Transl. note: It means that many other methods limit the using of internal or external qi for closing the structures of the body, the so-called "blocking" qi. In this case, any actions for the transfer or emission of qi are allowed).

14.    The practitioners of JIUYANGSHENGONG not only get the ability to transfer distantly the energy and information to each other , develop skills of interaction with each other in the perfection of abilities, but in addition they obtain what  is called the ability of "inoculating", namely, somebody who reached high mastery can give the lagging people energies and skills. It usually takes place at a very early stage of practice and in the case of collective training gives the many times intense effect.

15.    JIUYANGSHENGONG can change a person's character and improve the quality of his energy. Unsociable people become more sociable, people with a bad temper become gentler and kinder, more pliant and lively. (Transl. note. In this case JIUYANGSHENGONG is referred to, at other stages of the alchemy the nature of the changes follows the perfection and at some point becomes very specific).

16.    It is only required from the practitioners to stronger root in the intention to have a good _ virtue, which sometimes may lead to a happy destiny of our meeting. Of course it can also happen unexpectedly. (Transl. note. This appeal is addressed to those who one way or another will find this book. It is not a guarantee of the meeting, but the regular persistent practice eventually could lead to it. You shouldn’t understand by Chinese Te not exactly something how we the westerners understand our morality. More on this will be in forthcoming commentary on  Daodejing).

JIUYANGSHENGONG has 16 features mentioned above, fast or slow progress in the practice depends on the deeds and their results (transl. note. This is a phrase translated as "karma", "causal relation", but it is applying to the present life, rather than to the past), in the case of good deeds and acts the progress will be more rapid, otherwise a good result couldn’t be obtained. The high moral qualities and pure thoughts affect the destiny of penetration into the Taoist alchemy, from ancient times the alchemy is not passed on the people without virtue.

"The initial collection of Single yang", "2 origins change life” ... and so on to 9 level - are JIUYANGSHENGONG stages, the results of each level are different, but the basis is a first exercise  –  “the initial collection of Single yang”, after taking them you can advance step by step. Although each of the levels of JIUYANGSHENGONG is independent, but between them there is some relationship, so in any case they should not be randomly mixed together, otherwise it will lead to bad results. Only after a workout of one exercise, you can train the next. For example, practicing the first level, you can’t train the second. They should be practiced separately. At least wait not less than an hour and you can practice the second level, or the third level.

From the book of the Teacher of Single Yang
Translated and comments by Dmitry A. Artemyev