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The Teacher of Single Yang on nutrition and fasting


A pupil asked: I heard some practitioners talk about refusal to eat bread, closing of body irifices andsolitary life. That they see at any time immortals and buddhas and their skills increase rapidly. Do they have true supernatural abilities?

The Teacher of Single Yang replied: In cultivation in the practice of neidan (elixir) there is a requirement, that the stage of remelting of qi and shen transformation is practiced only after hunger and thirst already have stopped. When you obtain ability to refuse to eat bread and to live on qi it is possible to proceed to the stages of three years of breastfeeding and nine years sitting of faced to a wall. If you have not reached the stage of exhaustion of yin and purification of yang yet, then how one can talk about the refusal to eat bread?

In qigong practice even the stage of addition of oil and obtainment of Ming is not known, how one can achieve the exhaustion of yin and cleaning of yang? The man’s natural body of flesh and blood needs five cereals, meat , and may others nutrients for maintenance of life. Some teachers of qigong fundamentally do not understand the essence of “NOT EATING GRAINS' and mislead their followers, calling on them to starve for three days and thus waste their strength.

But they do not know that, although within three days of fasting the person does not die, but it still causes substantial damage to his yuanqi, because of starvation dizziness and fog appear in his eyes, there are illusions arising, and people take them for their vision of the real Buddha, and they believe that their skills have increased. Truly, it is a good joke!

If, however, a recluse continues to starve up to ten days, it is still does not lead to death, but his skin may begin to flake off. In medicine also there is a method of fasting, when for  a short period of time one needs to stop eating food and drink, and it really has some therapeutic effect. As for fooling the neophytes about refusal to eat bread and feeding on qi, it’s the entire fault of the teachers of qigong. Among arrogant practitioners wishing to practice the rejection of the bread, but not understanding what it is, there could happen deaths and illnesses of “obsession and a roving fire”.


The pupil asked: Thoughts of some students are pure, and aspirations are firm. With all their heart they perceive the Dao. In their every day diets they decrease food from three to two meals a day, and reject meat food for vegetarian diet. They upgrade their skills hard and cultivate in earnest. So why do they have slow progress?

The Teacher of Single Yang answered: In various methods of alchemy every person has different preparatory training program, but the initial work with ming sums up everything.  At our school of the elixir by Wu Chung-xu and Liu Hua-yang in initial work students improve ming, then they improve xing, afterwards they jointly improve xing and ming until their return to unity.

Before  improvement of Ming it is necessary to strengthen the body. First it is required to improve health and afterwards to keep perfecting on the path of neidan only.  People of advanced age primarily should compensate for losses of primordial jing and once again restore their former heaven, to return from old age to youth. Those who have illnesses first of all must heal the body, cure their disease and afterwards only increase jing, strengthen bones and collect primordial jing.

People regardless of whether they are old or young, healthy or sick  require various food to support life. Food for people is a law of nature, they use ingestion of food and maintain  normal activity while preserving the life balance of the cells, increase energy and replenish the body armth. And people with different constitution provide the necessary balance of vitamins and minerals. As the saying is "Who will not get food, must die. Anyone who can eat - will have healthy and long life." Hence, food it is important.

The students of our School depend on food and certainly can not eat badly. They can not  change three meals a day for two meals. It is important to eat well. If you feel hungry, then you need to eat, but do not overeat. When you eat, the naturalness is paramount. If you own feelings are comfortable, then you can stop eating. It is impossible to refuse wine and meat. It is necessary to know, that meat is very nutritious food. Those who completely follow a vegetarian diet can not fully make up his energy losses. Nutritiousness of meat compensates thermal losses. Wine in a small quantities, without _ excess, can relax muscles and revitalize blood. Normal people will benefit from wine. To He who engages in alchemy it is not necessary to observe formalities concerning food. It Is needed to eat a balanced and tasty diet.

Your techniques are essentially wrong, it urgently needs  adjustment. Your progress in Cultivation is slow because  you eat little , and eventually your body is weak and has barriers (blocks). It is need to restore normal power supply with the use of meat, so the energy spent by the body  will get compensated , and only then you can again train hard.  Your body will certainly acquire strength, and you will soon be able to finish the practice.

From the book of the Teacher of Single Yang
Translated and comments by Dmitry A. Artemyev