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alchemy dragons

The effect of JIUYANGSHENGONG to human biofield

Do you want to see how the human biofield is changing through the practice of JIUYANGSHENGONG?

In 1939, the Krasnodar physiotherapist and scientist Kirlian with his wife discovered and proved the existence of a glowing region around things and living objects...

These fields have a variety of color, size and configuration. It is noticed that in humans there is a  dependence of intensity and other parameters of the radiation from his emotional state, the functioning of the cardiovascular system and other physiological factors.

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Feedback from our students about the results and effects obtained by the practice of Jiuyangshengong

Andrey L. '31

When I started to practice Jiuyangshengong I was surprised that every time while doing the exercise it is very easy to do, I do not have to force myself, my body seems to want to do this exercise. And no matter how bad I felt myself before practice, after it I always felt much better. After several months of training the problems with the stomach, intestines, pain when turning the neck passed and the unpleasant tension in the body has left too, the joints become light and agile, the skin on my face has become more clean and smooth, the body began to be felt light and fresh as that of a baby. When I had a strong feelings of stress, JYASHG was launching itself automatically, quickly returning me to a state of harmony.

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Taoist sex
An excerpt from discussions

D.A.(Dmitry Artemyev): This subject  is deep and extensive ... I'll try to outline briefly the overall structure. Among the three main ways of immortality, one is precisely the way to get to Heaven by using the paired cultivation. It is called 人 元.

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Spirituality and money

To take or not money for teaching spiritual practices? This question in the other fields causes much less censure, than in connection with the spiritual practices. Although the dissatisfaction can be found there too (most often because of the size of the payment).

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