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alchemy dragons

«DАО did not keep away itself from people,
but people themselves alienated from the DАО
... »

... There were four emaciated travellers at dark night on a mountain track. It seemed, to be neither an end, nor a success for their infinite wanderings and tribulations. It was already the second year of their search­, but the real teaching of  Dао had not revealed itself yet. so the destiny forced them to encounter  new and new frauds in the Celestial Kingdom, who  made up the false schools of  Dао  and were making a travesty for the sake of fame and profit. The travellers decided to camp on a mountain pass, and were slowly approaching it as suddenly at the western edge of horizon an unusual luminescence showed, shining into the height of the sky.

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Why do people die?
What is the essence of Taoist alchemy?

Xing and Ming. Fusion of soul XING with energy MING

Why do people die, if they have no diseases? Old age is the  reason, you may say. But why does this old age come, what is the  mechanism of it? A man grows old and dies because he is spending his vital energy. It's like a battery in a toy, when the battery is new – the toy car runs, but when the battery has run out – the toy car stops...And what kind of "battery" is it? It is something that is located in the area of the abdomen in the human body (compare stomach and stamina).

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The Great Tao Golden Elixir School
of Wu Chung-Xu – Liu Hua-yang

“The methods of elixir of Wu Chung-Xu and Liu Hua-yang school
are reunited advantages of all schools, which
have been passed through centuries”
The Teacher of Single Yang

"Wu Chung-Xu – Liu Hua-yang school is named after two Teachers-founders: the founder in 8 generation of Teaching of Perfect Truth Dragon Gate Taoism – Wu Chung-Xu, and the Ch'an guru Liu Hua-yang. This School of the elixir (alchemy) adheres to the double perfection of xin nature and destiny ming, belongs to the method of Heaven primordial.

Perfect man Wu Chung-xu (Shou-yang) was initially from the Dragon Gate Perfect Truth school (LongMenPai) of 7 generations: Wang Qunyang and Qao-Huan yang, and the Teacher of Lee Niwang. And the Teacher Liu Hua-yang - is a devoted student of the perfect man Wu Chung-xu.

The WuLiuPai school adheres to perfection of jing, primordial energy qi and the spirit shen, and the transition-changes relation between them. The school’s principles are: 练精化炁 (melting the essence jing to pre-heaven qi), 练炁化神 (melting pre-heaven qi to spirit-shen), 练神化虚 (melting spirit-shen to the emptiness), 练虚合道 (melting of emptiness and unity to the Tao), consideration of pre-heaven q and spirit-shen as the base completely permeates all methods.
In the methods of the School WuLiu is not only collected all the best from many schools of Taoism, but it also includes the doctrines of Buddhism and Confucianism.

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The basic practice of the Taoist alchemy- JIUYANGSHENGONG
(Nine Yang Magic Power)

JIUYANGSHENGONG (Chinese: 九阳神功 , short: JYASHG, translation- the Wonderful Work of the Nine Yang, or Nine Yang Magic Power) –this is the initial work. Methods of perfection of alchemy school is mainly divided into the initial work on laying the foundation, the main work on laying the foundation, remelting of jing essence into qi of the previous heaven, remelting of the previous heaven qi into shen-spirit, remelting of shen-spirit into the emptiness, together with remelting of the emptiness and merging with the Tao - these are several large sequential levels. But the most important are is the initial work on laying the foundation, the main work on laying down the foundation. Let me ask a question: is it possible to construct a building without having built a foundation? Only after a solid foundation has been laid, it is possible to improve further levels of skills.

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JIUYANGSHENGONG 九阳神功 has the following features:

1.    “Great Tao is very simple and easy” and the method of JIUYANGSHENGONG corresponds to this principle. The methods are extremely simple, there are only a few movements, it’s easy to study and practise them. The beginners are acquiring immediate and tangible results, during 10 minutes, it’s possible to acquire a physical sensation of post-heaven qi, an immediate experience of activation of the mechanism of the pre-heaven qi, the emergence of spontaneous movements that cause self-regulation of the body. In   case of diseases, in   obstructed areas of the body’s channels the primordial pre-heaven qi removes  them, achieving an effect of curing diseases and their prevention.

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Recently there is widespread opinion that Taoism, alchemy and qigong are the same. This is a delusion. Qigong is nothing but degenerated part of Taoist alchemy, which greatly distorted the true principles of his ancestor. Here I'm not talking about certain kinds of qigong, such as Buddhist, which also influenced the alchemy and qigong.

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Most modern methods of practice rely on a meditation as a method of "enlightenment". The following text is an excerpt about meditation from the book of the Teacher of Single Yang.

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First of all it is necessary to try to understand that the Chinese culture has it’s own representations, sometimes radically opposed to the concepts of other cultures. Taoism, and especially alchemy of immortality in Chinese traditions are well-known everywhere, however, I shall dare to say that they have not been perused at all.

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Dialogue between two Immortals, located in a part Daotszan "洞真".
Treatise 钟 吕传 道 集- "The collection of Quan Zhongli and Lu Dongbin about the transfer of the Tao"
Translated by
Dmitry A. Artemyev

Lui Dongbin asked: When people die, they become ghosts (a devil, a ghost), when they complete the Tao - become immortals. But an immortal is a concept, how does becoming immortal help to reach the heaven?

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A pupil asked: There are some practitioners who feel by themselves like qi moves in a  circle through the Ren and Du Meridians, and therefore declare that the themselves have opened these channels. This method of opening Ren and Du channels using thoughts and other such methods "guiding qi through the channels of the heavenly circle”,  do they differ from the' way of the elixir?

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A pupil asked: In the process of perfection in the Wu Chongxu-Liu Huayang alchemy school whether there could occur a state of "Entering the madness and roving fire"?

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Xuantunzi (pupil) asked:
According to the tract: There are as many people working to perfect themselves in Tao as hair of a cow, but those who complete Tao are as rare as unicorn's horns,
why is it so?

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Xuanchengzi asked: What should be chosen as conditions of the external environment for the practice of alchemy and perfecting Tao?

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The Teacher of Single Yang on nutrition and fasting


A pupil asked: I heard some practitioners talk about refusal to eat bread, closing of body irifices andsolitary life. That they see at any time immortals and buddhas and their skills increase rapidly. Do they have true supernatural abilities?

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Zhenchangzi asked: I ask Teacher to explain the main problems in the practice of Xing

The Teacher of Single Yang said: The most basic problem of the practice of xing - is the impossibility of a chieving perfection before consolidation (fusion) of xing and ming, the impossibility of completion of ming using xing, the impossibility to achieve the ability of stopping leakage of (jing).

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Daode Center was created with the assistance of the best teachers of traditional schools in China. The center has been studying the Taoist culture heritage, and represents several schools of most practical Taoist directions: internal styles of martial arts, Chinese medicine and feng shui, Taoist alchemy.

This site devoted to the disclosure of Taoism, the central focus of which is the Taoist internal alchemy (neidan).

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Sites and links about DAO DE center and school: - the main center in Russia, St. Petersburg - Branch of the center in Moscow - DAO DE center in English (this site) - Wuliupai taoist alchemy school in Wiki

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