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Zhenchangzi asked: I ask Teacher to explain the main problems in the practice of Xing

The Teacher of Single Yang said: The most basic problem of the practice of xing - is the impossibility of a chieving perfection before consolidation (fusion) of xing and ming, the impossibility of completion of ming using xing, the impossibility to achieve the ability of stopping leakage of (jing).

People who practice the methods of xing will inevitably lose yuanjing during the perfection process; if it is proceeded, the body will wither and become exhausted, the face turn yellow and will look tired, and senile infirmity will appear. The ignoramI often believe that this state is "melting the primordial qi and transforming it into shen" and "melting shen TO return into the emptiness." Such delusions occur very often. (Some qigong teachers have great powers. Of diagnosis and treatment of diseases , but their bodies are withered, that indicates of too much using of xing and as a consequence - great damage to the spirit Shen).

Although during the practice of xing some unusual abilities may indeed appear, but the excessive using of the thought cause a lot of deviations. In some people this causes the “roving fire and falling into madness”. Therefore, those who do the practice with xing for a long time, should change their practice, focusing on the practice of ming and only then it will be possible to avoid the dangers. This is exactly what in the Taoist alchemy is called "perfecting of xing without perfecting of ming – Is the first disease of perfection."

From the book of the Teacher of Single Yang
Translated by Dmitry A. Artemyev