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Taoist art - LAOZI


The basic practice of the Taoist alchemy- JIUYANGSHENGONG
(Nine Yang Magic Power)

JIUYANGSHENGONG (Chinese: 九阳神功 , short: JYASHG, translation- the Wonderful Work of the Nine Yang, or Nine Yang Magic Power) –this is the initial work. Methods of perfection of alchemy school is mainly divided into the initial work on laying the foundation, the main work on laying the foundation, remelting of jing essence into qi of the previous heaven, remelting of the previous heaven qi into shen-spirit, remelting of shen-spirit into the emptiness, together with remelting of the emptiness and merging with the Tao - these are several large sequential levels. But the most important are is the initial work on laying the foundation, the main work on laying down the foundation. Let me ask a question: is it possible to construct a building without having built a foundation? Only after a solid foundation has been laid, it is possible to improve further levels of skills.

If a body is sick and no longer young, in the first place it is needed to heal the diseases, then strengthen and revitalize the body (at stage JIUYANGSHENGONG) and to fill already squandered yuan-jing (during Zhushougun). Only this is the true way, there are no sick deities.
九阳 神功 (JYASHG) is precisely the method of work on treatment for diseases and improvements of a body, it regulates the yin-yang and drives the arisen harmony imbalance. 九 阳 神功 (JYASHG) at first glance resembles spontaneous qigong ( Qizyfadungun ), but actually it is completely different.
九阳 神功 (JYASHG) does not use the consciousness, as soon as movements come to an end, the other movement develops quickly afterwards, this is mobilization of primordal qi of own organism, therefore it is absolutely safe to practice and is impossible to cause deviations. The movement develops by itself and completes by itself, and in case of external interference it’s possible to quickly finish it yourself.Where practitioners have illnesses, there is a barrier to blood flow and qi and own true-qi (chzen-qi) naturally goes there for liquidation of such barrier. As soon as passage of barrier has been restored, the channels and organs will start to function normally and the illness will disappear by itself. With respect to those who have lost regulation of physiological functions, the treatment will occur even more quickly. As soon as the qu mechanism of movement of the previous heaven commences, the state of imbalance of the physiological functions will immediately acquire the adjustment, and after the work is completed the practitioners will feel multiple improvements of health and comfort and what has been tested by centuries-old experience.

JIUYANGSHENGONG forces the practitioners to uncover hidden capabilities and use them for regulation and also strengthens the immunity to infections. Once the mechanism of primordial qi has moved, yin and yang are born immediately. Yin fills the Sheng-spirit , Yang fills the kidney, and such true qi (Zhenqi) cleans the channels of the body and in the process of flowing through own body, cleans and opens each of cavity. The sick get recovered. Therefore JIUYANGSHENGONG possesses abilities of partial refill of kidneys and brain recovery. Many practitioners have testified that JIUYANGSHENGONG training can develop mental faculties and raise abilities of understanding and memory.

The principle mechanism JIUYANGSHENGONG is an application of each of the nine methods , in order to set in motion the mechanism of primordial qi, turning into Zhenqi the original qi of the previous heaven moves in the body, while regulating yin yang, opens blocked cavities when it passes through the barriers, the practitioners feel spontaneous movements, and this , in essence, is the mechanism of primordial qi when the flow though the body finishes, the mechanism of primordial qi immediately returns to the preservation in dantyan, the movements will stop.
The elderly people have relatively weak true chi – Zhenqi, their movements are minor and soft. Young people have strong Zhenqi, their movements are extensive. The amplitude of movements, their strength or weakness, the parts of the body – they all have a close relationship with practicioners’ health, their gender, etc. Some primarily treat the diseases, some show various military positions of Martial arts (Wu-shu), the force of sensations in the practitioner's qi also depends on the person. The development of movement and finishing practice JIUYANGSHENGONG - all of them are spontaneous (automatic), the human intent should not be a factor-element, otherwise the best result will not be able to achieved.

Implementation of initial work on laying and building the foundation– JIUYANGSHENGONG has (9) consecutive levels, each level in itself has a wonderful unlimited use, the effect of each of them varies, the practitioners can independently feel (them) and clear if levels are actually practiced one after another, the skill level will also gradually increase.

From the book of the Teacher of Single Yang
Translated by Dmitry A. Artemyev