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alchemy dragons

Dialogue between two Immortals, located in a part Daotszan "洞真".
Treatise 钟 吕传 道 集- "The collection of Quan Zhongli and Lu Dongbin about the transfer of the Tao"
Translated by
Dmitry A. Artemyev

Lui Dongbin asked: When people die, they become ghosts (a devil, a ghost), when they complete the Tao - become immortals. But an immortal is a concept, how does becoming immortal help to reach the heaven?

Zhongli Quan said: If people want to avoid the endless rebirths, not to born in the lower bodies, to experience for themselves that there could be no diseases, old age, death and misery, then they should rely on heaven and earth, resting upon yin embrace yang and fulfill humanity. People should not become the ghosts, but being a man they should perfect immortality, and become immortal to reach Heaven!

Zhongli Quan said: The immortal is not a one concept. Pure yin without yang is a ghost, pure yang without yin is an immortal. The blend of yin and yang - a man. Only man can become a ghost or immortal (i.e. die or reach the immortality). If a man does not perfect since the youth, indulges passions and the desires, then sickness and death will come, and a transformation into a ghost will occur. The man who understands this and perfects, will overcome the profane, and penetrate into the sacred, reach true Liberation - this is immortal. The immortals are divided into 5 types, the methods - into 3 completions; the perfection depends on the person and the result of it depends on his fate.

Lui Dongbin asked: What is "the methods are divided into 3 completions and the immortals into 5 types? "

Zhongli Quan said: The methods are divided into 3 completions. There are small, medium and great completions. The immortals are divided into 5 types. There are:

  • Ghost immortal.
  • Human immortal.
  • Earth immortal.
  • Spiritual Immortal.
  • Heavenly immortal.

All of they are immortals. Ghost immortal is inseparable from the ghosts. Human immortal does not leave the people. Earth immortal does not leave the Earth. Spiritual immortal does not leave the spirits. Heavenly immortal does not leave the heaven. "

Lui Dongbin asked: Who is a ghost immortal?

Zhongli Quan answered: This is the lowest of the five immortals. They become free among yin (i.e. after death) ... last name is not recorded into the records to the world of ghosts, the name is not recorded in the worlds of the immortals. Although he is not included in samsara, but can’t return to the realms of the immortals, he will never have place where he can come back, he just stops his rebirths.

Lui Dongbin asked: This is a ghost immortal. What is his art, what are the methods used to achieve this?

Zhongli Quan answered: At the beginning people who try to perfect themselves do not understand the Great Tao and seek quick result. Their body is like a dried tree, the heart is like cold ashes. They keep inside the spirit and the mind and do not disperse the intention. In the immobility the spirit of Yin goes out of the body, this is a ghost, It has nothing to do with pure yang of immortals. Because of his single intention and lack of dispersing of yin soul this is called a ghost immortal. Although people say "immortal", but in fact it is a ghost.