DAODE center presents: 2011 Summer Taoism Retreat high-intensity (Intensive) in the beautiful countryside of the Saint Peterburg region, Russia.

The Wuliupai School of Taoist Alchemy opens its gates to the West for all those interested in truely perfecting the Tao!

2011 Taoism Retreat on Taoist Alchemy

Venue of the Intensive - a picturesque location  in Saint Peterburg region.
Arrival Date: 22 of August 2011
Departure Date: 27 of August 2011
Key lessons on taoist alchemy 3 times a day. Basic and Advanced Taoist training. The teoretical lectures on taoist alchemy, dialogues in evenings, answers to questions. Intensive program, a good environment and a feng shui selected location will maximize the progress in practice.

You can see the same event from last year here: 

Cost of Intensive on alchemy - 350$ (without accommodation and meals. There are several grades of accommodation from basic to very comfortable).

Additional classes  (about 200$ for the each discipline) :

- Qigong (include a medical qigong) A part of “Open-Dao” learning system.
- Disciplines in IMA (internal martial arts): Yiquan, Xingyiquan, Wu (Hao) and Yang styles taiji quan, Immovable standing stance, Spiraling force
Additional tea ceremony (about 20$).

A meet and greet in the airport, a personal guide and a translator  during the training will be provided at no cost .

Please notify us in advance! Contact: mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Denis)