Daode Center was created with the assistance of the best teachers of traditional schools in China. The center has been studying the Taoist culture heritage, and represents several schools of most practical Taoist directions: internal styles of martial arts, Chinese medicine and feng shui, Taoist alchemy.

This site devoted to the disclosure of Taoism, the central focus of which is the Taoist internal alchemy (neidan).


The School of Taoist alchemy Wuliupai is the only genuine school of internal alchemy (neidan) outside of China. The school offers powerful healing practices, which came from ancient times and have been practiced for millennia. Now you have a unique opportunity to come into contact with the ancient system, to check for yourself its effectiveness, and possibly to seriously study it. Patriarch of the Wuliupai  School  is the Teacher of Single Yan.

Our center is engaged in purely practical areas: health, skill development, training in martial skills of self-defense in the internal styles of martial arts, the perfection in Tao in alchemy. The cultural aspect before traveling to China and learning from different masters, learning the traditions, ancient treatises.

Daode Center can gives you two ways to study:

1. Recovery of your health Through practice is to improve health, increase vitality, strengthen immunity to infections, healing of various ailments. In humans it develops mental abilities and improves understanding and memory.

All this is achieved through:

a) Qigong (include a medical qigong) - “Open-Dao” learning system (a description not presented on this site)
b) IMA (internal martial arts): Yiquan, Xingyiquan, Wu (Hao) and Yang styles taijiquan (a description not presented on this site)
c) Taoist practice JIUYANGSHENGONG (Chinese: 九阳神功, Jiǔ-yáng-shén-gōng, short: JYASHG, translation- the wonderful work of the Nine Yang, or Nine Yang Magic Power)

2. Education in the school - the perfection in TAO. First: "If the body has a disease, age no longer young,  first is needed to cure disease, then strengthen and revitalize the body...” "Students of the School must begin with the basic initial practice JYASHG, just as a tall building must necessarily have a strong foundation, otherwise it may collapse…" The School of Taoist alchemy Wuliupai has the full methods of the perfection and achieving the highest possible realization, becoming a Buddha and an Immortal.

This website describes the center “Dao De”, and also presents articles about internal alchemy. There are many materials as on the specifics of practice and the theoretical foundations.

Daode center